Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here's a thought...

How do I want to feel on my 30th birthday, which, by the way, is right around the corner? Well, I want to feel healthier and happier. I want to lose another 14 pounds in addition to the 6 I've lost so far. I want to have a handle on how to eat healthy for me, which I can't quite figure out right now...low carb? low fat? low cholesterol? low calorie? what? I want to have some energy to enjoy my kids. I want to have the house looking presentable most of the time, including having it swept and dusted. I want to exercise in some form once a day. I want to feel happy with the progress I've made. I want to feel positive. I want to feel optimistic.

So the real question is, how am I going to get there? I've already started by trying to eat better and I'm working out at least four times a week. I need to start working on the house just 15 minutes a night and doing one "project" a day, whether it's crafty or organizational (like cleaning out the linen closet). I also need to start having a quiet time again to help me focus on what's really important so that the things like happiness and being positive will fall into place...because, let's face it, when our focus is on Jesus, there is no other place I'd rather be.

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