Saturday, January 30, 2010

Something I forgot

SB started preschool this past week! She's going 2 days a week for about 5 hours at a time. We procrastinated so long on this one, but I think it's a great thing for her. She's so excited about it...already learning and already making friends. Of course, it would have been helpful had someone told me the "All About Me" poster really was a parent's project. We let SB do hers on her own (with our help, of course) so it looks it. Apparently, the others at school do not. So far, she hasn't noticed. I hope she doesn't. I feel bad in some ways because hers is probably not as nice as the other kids' posters...but on the other hand (and I'm leaning this direction), she did hers just the way she wanted. That has to be a good lesson. Right?

I just can't believe she's old enough for fact, she'll start kindergarten next year. Wow. It goes by so fast. I know that's such a cliche...but it's so true. I have to say, though, that I'm pretty thankful she's not a baby anymore. I didn't mind the toddler stage, but those sleepless nights with a screaming baby just trying to figure out any way to get her to sleep and not cry or wake up...not for me.

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