Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 50!

Today marks day 50 of running at least a mile a day. And I'm done.

This started as the Runner's World winter streak from Thanksgiving to New Year's, and I just kept going. While I'd love to hit 100 days or even a year, my mind and body say it's time to stop.

This will give me the rest of today and all of tomorrow to rest before Saturday's half marathon. I feel so unprepared for this race. After breaking my tailbone/tearing tendons in September, I really didn't think this race would happen at all and thought I'd just be happy if I could run part of it. Now that I've actually run every day and run my long runs as scheduled, I'm disappointed that I'm not strong enough to really race it.

However, Mom and I are running it together so I'm looking forward to the run. Nervous though!

The weather is going to be about 20 degrees warmer than my last few long runs, and now I'm panicking on what to wear. Plus, my new shoes came in this week, so I'm debating on whether to wear then or wear the shoes I've been wearing on my long runs.

On top of that we are in the middle of an AdvoCare 24 - Day Challenge, meaning I'm not even sure what to eat these next two data before the race. It's been so long since I've done a half. Decisions, decisions.

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