Saturday, November 26, 2011

And the countdown begins!

Today was my last long run before the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas! It wasn't windy when I first got up, but it sure was by the time I headed out the door. It was odd because it was about 55, but it felt colder than that. It took two or three tries of standing out on the back porch to figure out what to wear. It turned out fine with a tank, light jacket, tights and my BondiBand beanie.

The first two miles were rough and I really questioned my ability to do 8 today, but things quickly got better. I don't know what happens between miles 7 and 8, but I absolutely love it! My body relaxes, my chest opens up, my mind focuses and my stride settles in. I ended up a little farther from home than expected and ran an extra mile because I felt so good.

Mile 1- 11:19
Mile 2- 11:23
Mile 3- 11:49
Mile 4- 11:04
Mile 5- 11:10
Mile 6- 10:31
Mile 7- 10:46
Mile 8- 10:07
Mile 9- 9:24
Total- 1:37:36

Mileage Report
Weekly: 24 miles
YTD: 744.05 miles

A couple of phrases that have been rattling around my brain for a couple of weeks are "no fear" and "no excuses." I tend to let the what-if's control my thoughts and actions. It's mot a conscious thing, but I'm afraid I wont live up to my own expectations. I have to work hard to focus on what I can do to keep this negativity at bay. Thinking "no excuses" and "no fear" (and yes, every time I think of that last one, I think of those 90's shirts) helps me just do what I can do. No excuses means I can't do less than I'm able while the no fear reminds me to push past what I think I am capable of. It seems to be working!


  1. I love runs like that! SUAR had a good blog today about believing the negative things we tell ourselves and changing our mindset. Your post and her posts were definitely needed today. My legs spent the first 4 miles trying to convince me that 13.1 miles next week is impossible. The last 4 were better once my brain told my legs to shut the heck up. ;)

    Weekly: 20 miles
    YTD: 455.55 miles

  2. Hi Christy,
    This is Jill from runwithjill. Can you pleas email me your mailing address along with your blog for the Annual Blog Gift Exchange? I couldn't find your email on your comment nor on your blog.

    Good luck in Vegas, it will be a total blast!! Lots of bloggers going, I am envious! :)