Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another change-up

Last week's change-up was that I had to move my long run to Sunday. This week, I had a running buddy. My sister-in-law Kayla is running a half the same day I'm running Vegas, so we both had 10 miles on the radar for today. She runs much faster than me but was up for running together today. Who knew you could find 10 miles of things to talk about?! It was really nice because the miles seemed to fly by. My pace is slow, so talking and running isn't too difficult.

Our splits:
Mile 1. 11:07
Mike 2. 11:10
Mile 3. 11:23
Mile 4. 11:18
Mile 5. 11:23
Mile 6. 11:14
Mile 7. 11:16
Mile 8. 11:10
Mile 9. 11:07
Mile 10. 10:46
Total. 2:05:11

Yes, I realize I'm slow, and I've also learned that I could probably be going a lot faster. My speed work is improving. I know a lot of my battles are mental, but I'm ok with my progress for now. I'm pretty impressed with the consistency of my miles though.

Mileage Report
Weekly 20.2 miles
YTD 721.05 miles

Today begins the HBBC! It's a challenge to keep you moving and making healthy choices throughout the holidays. I'm looking forward to having some outside motivation, especially after Vegas and since I met my yearly mileage goal!



  1. Sounds like a great run!

    Weekly: 19 miles
    YTD: 435.55 miles

  2. It does sound like a good one. Your last few miles were faster as you went with your last the fastest. That's a big plus!!