Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall back week

It's a "fall back" week in more ways than one. I will be thankful for the extra hour of sleep tonight, and I have to say that I am thankful for a "fall back" week in training this week. The plan said 4, my brain said my body compromised with 5. I really wanted to break that sub-60 10K, but it's just not there. That's ok. Right now is all about being ready for one month!

Today's splits:
Mile 1     9:40
Mile 2     10:05
Mile 3     10:05 (how's that for consistency?)
Mile 4     10:42 (oops)
Mile 5     10:20
Cooldown 18:12

I am using November to remember all that I am thankful for...and I have so many blessings to list. It's nice to have that focus and to think about all the good things in life. So, while I haven't done a great job on my Happiness Project, I think I'll use the next couple of weeks (until Nov. 18, so I can catch up) to focus on gratefulness.

Mileage Report
Weekly: 18 miles
YTD: 676.85 miles (so close!)


  1. I agree. I needed this "light" week in mileage b/c it wasn't a "light" week on the homefront. But hubby is home and I'm hoping to get back into a normal routine again soon.

    Weekly: 13 miles
    YTD: 395 miles

  2. I had a light week last week and I'm so itching for the mileage this week. Love that! One month!! Yay!