Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beautiful Run

I can not get over how beautiful this morning's run was! We are actually having a quasi-fall, which is as close as it gets in Texas. The leaves are changing colors and the temps are cooler (although I think it reached almost 80 outside this afternoon). I had to move my long run to Sunday this week due to family pictures yesterday morning, which turned out fabulously.

These are just the ones we took with my camera.
I ran 12 miles this morning. I wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but I have to say, I'm ok with that. It's hard to explain why. I was just continually reminded this morning how blessed I am to run at all, and to get to enjoy God's amazing creation while I'm doing it? Even better! On top of that, I fit in an ice bath and still made it to church, after eating the breakfast my awesome hubby had ready when I walked in the door...and a good thing, too...I was hungry!

For the first couple of miles, my right calf felt like it was going to cramp, but luckily, it never did. I only ended up with one "injury" today...a small spot on the underside of my right arm. I guess my arm warmers rubbed it. They never have before, so that was weird. It was kind of difficult to dress for today. I wore a tank and arm warmers; I had on gloves but ditched them before I started (smart move). I also wore my BondiBand hat, but I had to move it behind my ears just a few miles in. It was warmer than it initially felt, and it kept warming up as the sun moved higher in the sky. I ended up pushing the arm warmers down.

Here are my splits:
Mile 1- 11:15
Mile 2- 11:17
Mile 3- 11:47
Mile 4- 11:29
Mile 5- 11:40
Mile 6- 11:18
Mile 7- 11:05
Mile 8- 11:08
Mile 9- 10:53
Mile 10- 10:14
Mile 11- 10:34
Mile 12- 10:35
Total- 2:13:19

Mileage Report
Weekly: 24 miles
YTD: 700.85 miles

Wow! I'm over 700 miles for this year!


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Week: 22 miles
    YTD: 417 miles

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  2. Great pictures! Great run - it's the homestretch. 700 miles is awesome!