Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maybe it worked...

After moving my long run to Sunday instead of my usual Saturday, I was feeling pretty sore at school yesterday. It wasn't pain, just soreness. Last night, I was feeling wiped out! A hot bath sounded awesome, but I wasn't sure if that would help or hurt. After a couple quick texts to my mom and virtual running buddy, I decided it would be a good thing, especially with the addition of Epsom salts. I was amazed this morning to have considerably less soreness (as in almost none).

Another cool trick I learned (and I have absolutely no idea where I read it) is to make my own moldable ice packs. By mixing one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water in a ziploc, the ice pack won't freeze solid. Instead of a solid block of ice, you end up with a slushy mix that can easily fit around a knee or ankle. So far, I don't need to ice anything...although the ball of my left foot hurts. I'm just not sure I need to ice it.


  1. Awesome tip on the ice pack! Can't wait to try it. I may try using our vacuum sealer, but not vacuuming it...that way i'm sure my zip-lock won't leak (which they always do for me).

  2. cool ice pack trick :)

    Glad it was a good run!