Monday, April 23, 2012

Challenge 52-14

I loved last week's challenge. Focusing on the small, positive things each day made a huge difference in my attitude. I can't say it fixed everything, but it helped. I'm planning on keeping up with a type of gratitude journal like this.

Today's challenge is something that I have to revisit a lot. It's based on FlyLady's "Hot Spots." The challenge is to find where you clutter tends to gather and clear those areas. Find one spot a day, and see how the clearing of physical clutter can free up some mental space. You might look on your kitchen counter, a dresser, that bookshelf that collects more than books, or the floor next to your bed (guilty!). If you're brave, take before and after pictures of your rooms :)

1 comment:

  1. I hate clutter, so love this part of the Fly Lady's "plan". I can never seem to keep clutter from gathering on those areas though. I feel like I'm constantly de-cluttering them. It's usually the kitchen counter and table. And the counter in the mudroom/laundry room.