Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's Sunday...time to wrap up last week and set up this week.

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday, so we enjoyed a little kid-free grown-up time with friends. I so needed that after the craziness of this past week (testing at school and busy evening schedules). I may have been enjoying it a little too much, and then I realized...

I am running in the  morning. A long ways, too.

I might have bailed on the run if my sister hadn't posted on Facebook that we were running this morning. It made for an early morning, but I'm glad I stuck with the plan. I guess it is true that the only run you'll regret is the one you don't do. I can't say I was fast, but I did it! I had only planned on 8, but after a quick walk break at 8, I finished 9 miles. Yay! Makes next weekend's 15K seem not so daunting.

I got to enjoy a very relaxing day today after running...the kids were at my in-law's, so Chad and I had breakfast and went to church. Then I got a rare treat...Chad and the kids stayed at my in-law's to help them with a project and I got to enjoy a nice quiet house, all to myself! When they got home, we played outside and went out for a birthday dinner with the in-laws. It really was a great day! I am thoroughly wiped out, but in the best kind of way.

This week: 20.3 miles
YTD:  247.45 miles

Looking ahead at this week, it's not quite as crazy as last week...thank goodness!
Monday: t-ball game
Tuesday: CSCOPE work day all day
Wednesday: Hang Time
Thursday: Chonda Pierce! It's a girls' night out!
Friday: Mark your calendars, ladies and's a rare free night!
Saturday: Dam Run, Tball game, graduation dinner for my niece

And now, it's time to go figure out a lunch for tomorrow and make some overnight oats.

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  1. She is NOT graduating. Nope. I am not that old.

    Glad you had some "me" time!

    Week: 17 miles
    YTD: 256 miles

    After today's run (will be this afternoon), April will be my highest mileage month ever. Until next month.