Sunday, April 15, 2012

My newest endeavor

I'm doing it again! I signed up for another half marathon. This time I'll be part of my church's Team World Vision team to raise funds and run the 13.1 Dallas race in October. I'm excited to do this, as my brother and his wife are heading this up...and my mom has joined the team!

Did you know that women and children in developing countries walk an average of 6 kilometers to get to water, and even then, it's often not clean or safe? Think about how many steps (steps, not kilometers) it takes you to have a nice clean, filtered glass of water...and how many of those we drink in a day. Won't you conisder helping me in this endeavor to help communities have safe drinking water nearby? If you would like to help, visit my page and donate! I'd love to raise at least $50 for each mile I run...that would be $655. We can totally do this!

A little about Team World Vision...

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization and has been fighting global poverty since 1950. It is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world with 40,000 staff in nearly 100 countries, all working to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

Team World Vision is a program of World Vision that enables YOU to help fight global poverty. When you join Team World Vision, you run and fundraise to help communities in need. The money you raise impacts real children by providing entire communities with things like clean water and sanitation.

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