Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Try It Tuesday

I don't eat a lot of chips or crackers, but I've found the Special K Multi-Grain Crackers and love them!

My kids love when I pack them "picnic" lunches of mini pepperoni or ham cubes, cheese cubes, Goldfish and some sort of fruit (think homemade lunchable). When I make this lunch for them, I'll often pack my own picnic lunch.

I use, of all things, a craft box that has 6 small squares and 1 larger rectangle. Today's lunch has cheese cubes, cauliflower, rolled up ham slices, teeny tiny baby carrots and these crackers.

I love that you get a lot of crackers for not too many calories. The box here says 90 calories for 17 crackers. My nutritional info says 24 crackers for 120 calories. Works for me. They are slightly salty and slightly sweet. Whole wheat flour is the first ingredient, and there isn't any high fructose corn syrup (not that I really pay much attention to that).

I noticed online you can get these in a box of 6 individual bags (a 90 calorie serving). I hope I can find those!

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  1. I recently discovered Quaker Mini Delights. They are 90 calorie bags of multi-grain crackers. The one I tried was Chocolatey Drizzle and they are wonderful! You should try those too. They're perfect for when you want something sweet.