Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly update

We are in the middle of some very busy weeks, and I can't tell you how much this morning's run did for me! It was my first outdoor "long" run in about month (although I did have one 10k in there). It felt great! I really needed to "leave it on the road" and as I told someone this week, that's hard to do on a treadmill when your road is a black conveyor belt that comes right back around. I got to run with my sister again, which was nice. We talked the whole way and that made the miles go by pretty quickly. At first, I wasn't sure I could do more than a few miles. But I made it to 7, which is what I had in mind for today. Some days it's hard to believe I've run a half marathon before.

This week: 19.15 miles
YTD: 227.15 miles

As for this upcoming week, it's not looking any less crazy.
Monday: tball game
Tuesday: soccer game
Wednesday: church
Thursday: soccer practice
Friday: tball game and Bingo for Books
Saturday: soccer game and birthday party for a friend

And all week, our students are testing, so it's going to be a stir-crazy kind of week. What that all boils down to is I have to plan, plan, workouts, our meals, everything. So some meals for this week are tuna patties, pulled pork sandwiches (crockpot), baked potatoes, and quesadillas or burritos. Everything has to be easy peasy or this week won't fly right. For breakfasts, I'll have overnight oats, green smoothies, or ham and egg salad. For lunches, I'll have leftovers, soup, or tuna sandwiches. And while I'm in planning mode, I should probably plan out my workouts.

Even though I ran today, I think I'm going to stick with tomorrow's normal easy run. Speed work is on Wednesday, maybe a short run during soccer on Thursday, and a a long run this weekend (going to try for 8). I'd like to throw in at least 2 core workouts, but that's always an issue for me. Since my hubby and I are signed up for a race in two weeks, I'm hoping to do a little strength training when he gets on the treadmill a couple of evenings a week.


  1. Love that feeling of a cleansing run!!!

  2. So glad you finally got to hit the road!

    Weekly: 23 miles
    YTD: 245 miles