Sunday, August 19, 2012

A typical day

Fitness Cheerleader's blog challenge has us looking at a typical day.

A typical day for me, starting again tomorrow, is my typical teacher's day. It has been very different for the past couple of months since it has been summer. I actually started back to work this past Thursday, but they were relatively easy days. Tomorrow starts a very long week of inservice, meetings and planning.

A typical day for the school year looks like this:

4:15 am (2-3 days a week)--up and running, literally, on the treadmill in my garage. It's hot, but it gets the job done.
5:15 am--shower time
6 am--start waking my will take many, many tries.
6:30 am--get the kids up, dressed and fed
7 am--out the door to school
7:10--get ready for the day before the kids arrive
7:35 am--the first kids arrive
7:45 to 3 pm--teach, talk, listen, dedirect, plan, organize, intervene, instruct, model
3-4 pm--this is my time to copy papers, grade papers, plan ahead and have a few minutes of quiet
4 pm--I pick up the kids from my mother-in-law's house.
4-5:30 pm--Homework time, chores, prep dinner, laundry, dishes...whatever needs to be done.
5:30-8:30 pm-Hubby gets home. We usually have a little downtime before dinner. Dinner. Baths. Get ready for bedtime. Bedtime routines. This is also where practices, games, classes, etc. happen.
8:30 pm--Kids go to bed. Chad and I catch up on shows, put up laundry, etc. I pack lunches for the kids and me and get my clothes, including workout gear, ready for the next day.
10 pm--I head to bed, usually reading for about half an hour before going to sleep.

The early morning runs will be changing though. My foot is still hurting. I iced it every night this past week, took it easy, wore "real" shoes as much as possible, stretched it, rested...all to no avail. I tried to run this morning, and I couldn't make it to the corner. My half is now in real jeopardy, as is the quarter marathon in a month. I was able to hop on the bike this morning and get 5 miles in; however, that is just not possible before school. I don't do dark. And I know that if I wait until after school, it won't get done. I'm so frustrated. I'm still going to get up early and try to figure out some workout I can do without killing my foot. It's just not the same as a run :(

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  1. Looks familiar! The life of a teacher!! I hope your foot is cooperating soon...:-(