Saturday, August 11, 2012

My workout crew

(This is part of Fitness Cheerleader's blog challenge.)

If I could put together a group run of some famous people, I'd love for these people to join me...

1. Dimity and SBS from Another Mother Runner and authors of Run Like a Mother and Train Like a Mother. I read their first book two years ago, and it made me feel like such a part of the tribe. I met them in Vegas and would love to run with them.

2. Kristin Armstrong. I follow her blog and love that she is Godly and inspirational, plus I've really enjoyed reading Mile Markers. Her understanding of the ups and downs of a running mom have really been insightful.

Ok, so I don't really keep up with names and famous people, so those three are who I would pick. There are tons of fitness bloggers and friends I would include the group as well. Wouldn't that be some run?!

But today? Today, it was just me. And it felt great. Today was my first long run of the training plan for my third half marathon in October. It was also my first long run post-op after surgery last month. I walked a quarter mile, ran a mile, walked a quarter, ran a mile, walked a quarter, ran a mile and then walked home. It felt really good to be out there, and I enjoyed slightly cooler weather this morning.

This week: 10.85 miles
YTD: 384 miles


  1. Oh yes - Kristin is amazing! She's gone through so much. I listen to Dimity and Sarah's podcast on my runs - that's kinda like running with them right?

  2. Love finding all these new people on everyone's blog posts. A few of you have brought up the Another Mother Runner gals so I'm going to go check them out :)

  3. Hmm...must check out Run Like A Mother and Train Like A Mother.

    I chose Michelle Obama: