Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Working out

Today's blog challenge from Fitness Cheerleader asks "Do you work out at home or at the gym?"

I have a membership to the Y. When one of the kids is taking a class, I'll go take a class or run on a treadmill there. Chad and I have walked on the track together when SB was in gymnastics. I like the idea of it and hope to start taking Body Combat next month while SB has class.

However, I work out at home...because all I really do is run. I either run on the treadmill in the garage (it's hot and miserable right now though) or run outside on the weekends.

Our plan is to convert the garage into a family fitness/fun room. Besides the treadmill, we'd have room for a punching bag, something I've wanted for a long time. Plus, we could have the Bosu ball out, the yoga ball, and room to workout to DVD's. The kids think this would be really cool. It's been a slow process though. The garage space just comes in so handy for storage.

Eventually, I'd love to have stained concrete floors with a separate padded "gym" floor area. I'd like to have a small sofa (maybe a sofa bed so it can double as a guest room), a TV (for movie nights and workout videos), mirrors on a section of the wall, nice paint on the walls, encouraging quotes as art, a punching bag in the corner, and a kids' area for crafts and playtime. I can picture it pretty well, but getting it done is another matter. The biggest obstacle is running a vent out there for heat and air.

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  1. I've been doing some "mental remodeling" myself. Eventually, the basement will have a family room and a bathroom. But there is a corner of the basement that I'd like to put the treadmill and other workout stuff. Someday. But not someday soon. :)