Friday, August 10, 2012

Just a little odd

(This is part of Fitness Cheerleader's blog challenge.)

Five Weird Things I Like
1. Dill pickles and ketchup. Don't know why or even how I figured this out, but I really do like it.
2. Tuna fish sandwiches with sour cream and onion chips on it.
3. This one goes with #2...but I like sour cream and onion chips with pork 'n' beans, which I like to eat with tuan fish sandwiches.
4. Mayo and saltines...that's from my Mom. She used to eat Miracle Whip and Saltines, and I can remember eating them with her at the dining room table.
5. Ok, here's the oddest...I like a piece of bread, a slice of American cheese and a cold hotdog. Yes, I know that's bad for me. I don't really care. I've eaten it since I was little.

I'm sure there's a lot more about me that's odd, and I sure I like more than just odd foods...but that's what I have for today :)

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