Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Workout Music

I've decided to try a new challenge for August, one I saw on Fancy Nancy's blog yesterday issued by Fitness Cheerleader...she's challenge bloggers to write every day and even gives a list of topics for each day. I figured as a language arts teacher, I should be writing often, and this is just one way to do that. I can almost guarantee I won't write every day, and I'm pretty sure I'll change up some of the topics to fit in some of my "heart" and "home" things.

Today's 5 workout songs...only one problem. I don't listen to music when I run outside.

When I run outside, it's just me and my feet pounding the pavement. My run is my time to think or not think, depending on the day. A lot of people listen to music when they run. I tried it...and it didn't go well. In fact, I ended up turning it off mid-race because it was such a distraction. It was like I couldn't get my breathing and body in sync because my mind was in the music instead.

Now, I know some people couldn't run if they didn't have music. For them, that's great. There are plenty of times I'd like the distraction from the workout. However, it's what works for me. And that's what being healthy is really all about...doing what works for you to be the best you.

I will say, when I run on the treadmill at way-too-early-in-the-morning before school, my iPod keeps my mind off the monotony of the run. I don't listen to a lot of music in general, so finding workout music isn't easy for me. I tend to listen to one of three Christian stations, and while I love the music, the songs aren't exactly "pump it up, get moving" kind of songs. My mom once gave me a bunch of songs she runs too...let's just say I was shocked. She says she doesn't hear the words, just the beats...I'm the's like I only hear the words. Different strokes for different folks...right?

So, in the spirit of today's challenge, the top 5 sounds I enjoy hearing on a summer's outdoor run instead of music:
1. The sound of my breathing, arms, and feet working in sync (on the rare occasion it happens)
2. Birds chirping
3. Sprinklers
4. A breeze rustling the leaves
5. The swish of my ponytail across my back

***I wanted to add that another reason I don't listen to music when I run outside is pure safety. I'm a chicken. I like to know what is going on around me. While people and cars are an obvious concern, I'm just as concerned about not hearing a dog chasing me (true story).


  1. Amazing to hear the complete opposite opinion from mine. Cool. Your number one is the main reason I need music. I have asthma and when I only hear my breathing I focus too much on it and can start an attack quite easily.

    Like you said, different strokes. I will say there are many early morning runs (only short ones) that it is nice to just listen to the quiet. But generally I need my really obnoxious music ringing in my ears.

  2. I don't like hearing my breath either. I feel that it makes me sound out of shape (huffing and puffing) and then I get discouraged (even if I FEEL great) and then the run goes south. For short runs (3mi or less) I can go without. But I still prefer the tuns. I'm like your mom- I don't hear the words very often. If you need music to refresh your treadmill library, let me know. Remember, I had to have 5 hours of music ready for the marathon!

  3. I love this! I do try to have some music free runs outside so I can take in all the sounds of the run!

  4. Great post! I just learned from Axel that I can't wear headphones when I do my triathlon next month so I'm going to have to learn to run without music! Eeeek! Your list will help me though - I'll have to pay extra attention to see if I can hear my ponytail. Thanks for joining in!