Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Scheduling

Spring is here, and the schedules are crazy. But, it's the scheduling that keeps me sane. So, here's what this week looks far:

Monday: Easy run, 3 miles
               -T-ball practice, which means an easy meal or a crockpot meal
Tuesday: Core training
               -Date Night! Wednesday is our 9th anniversary, so we'll celebrate that!
Wednesday: Tempo run, 5 miles total with 3 miles at 10:11 pace (but I know I'll go faster)
               -Hang Time and meal at church
Thursday: Easy run, 3 miles (during dance)
               -dance at the Y
Friday: Core training
               -Woohoo! Spring Break starts!
Saturday: Long run, 10 miles
               -No that really possible?
Sunday: Rest

But in the meantime (meaning today), I'm planning on a date with some Icy Hot, some ice packs, and a pillow. :)

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