Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little more ways than one

Ok, so things have gotten crazy busy around here and I haven't blogged. I'm still running, but even there, I'm not sure I'm keeping up. I haven't looked at my training plan in over a week...just hopping on the treadmill logging some miles.

I've switched the past two weeks to a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday pattern. I was supposed to have an 18-mile training walk but we got rained out. I overslept, met the girls at the local college and started walking, only to get a little ways around a walking trail and spent a while under a gazebo watching the amazing lightning. We realized it wasn't letting up so we took off for my car. We all piled in and I drove them back to their I guess oversleeping wasn't such a bad thing after all. If I hadn't, we would have had a very long wait or a very wet walk.

But that did mess up my running. I didn't get the long walk in or a run. I'm planning on hitting the streets Saturday morning before our church women's coffee. Five miles, I'm hoping. My mother ran an incredible 7 this past weekend! She amazes me.

Right now, I'm focused in a thousand maybe that means I'm not focused at all :) Here's what's occupying my thoughts:
1. Rangers World Series! Yeah, I think we have plans for every game now.
2. to finish that Josh Hamilton costume (tattoo sleeves...LOL)
3. 3-Day walk...still need a bunch of stuff for that one...and then have to pack it all!
4. School...the kids are finishing up a novel, thank goodness
5. My's a certifiable wreck, and we have people coming over three nights between now and Sunday. Guess that's going to make for a long night for me soon.

Ok, maybe that's not all, but those are the biggies. Running has taken a back burner til after the walk. Then it will be recovery time so I can get ready for the marathon relay. I'm hoping recovery time is short and I can be ready.

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