Friday, October 8, 2010

My, how things have changed

It's the night before Race for the Cure, and it's got me thinking about several things (although how my kids can behave so badly and be so cute is not really connected to this's on my mind too).

1. Just a year ago, we were waiting for results on tests for my mother-in-law...and of course, just the week after Race for the Cure, we found out that she did indeed have breast cancer. She's had a mastectomy and is doing very radiation or chemo was needed, luckily. We will all be walking in her honor as Patsy's Posse for the 1-mile hubby, kids and extended family included...before I run the 5K with my parents, sister (if she's not sick), sister-in-law and a few others.

2. Last year at the Race for the Cure, I was recovering from hip issues and couldn't run the entire thing. And now, 3 miles is a basic run for me. I'm not in tomorrow for speed though since I did a 10K just two weeks ago. But I'm looking forward to the run!

3. I'm not as nervous as I usually am before a race. Maybe it's because I really haven't had time this week to think about it. Maybe it's because it's "just" a 5K (and I know that not that long ago, that was a huge deal to me!). Maybe it's because I'm considering this a recovery after the 10K. I don't know why, but I'm ok with just heading out for a run tomorrow. I love being outside hitting the pavement and am looking forward to it!

Isn't it amazing how fast we forget where we were not that long ago?! Change may be slow, but it's happening. I'm stronger and, even though I'm still slow, faster. I'm more confident and comfortable.

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