Sunday, January 29, 2012

This week

I'm going to go ahead and do this week's miles counting today's run. I'm so off with these back and forth Saturday/Sunday runs, and I'm afraid I'll forget to count a run or two.

This week: 18.35 miles
YTD: 68.85 miles

This morning's run was a planned 10 miles. My sister had 8 planned, so I ran a mile before I stopped by her house. It was a brisk 32*...cold for those of us in Texas where temps have been fluctuating from 50 to 70 on a regular basis. The run went well. We took off on a new course that took us out a little farther than normal, and it was a nice change in scenery. I didn't have to stop and walk at all and kept my paces pretty even, hovering between 10:30 and 10:45 for most of it. My first two miles were 11's, but I'm good with that. We kept up conversation for most of the run. We did have one scare with a we ran by a huge privacy fence, we heard the dog run and hit it and saw its head pop over the top! Holy cow! Well, that's not exactly what I said :)

Carrie stuck with me for my last mile making her run 9 miles. I know that was a boost for her since we've got a 15k in two weeks. It's not that she's never done this kind of distance because she has. However, her little one is just about 7 months old, so this is the farthest she's run since his birth. Pretty impressive!

On that note, my best friend Chandra's little one turns a year old this week. That means that just one year ago, she was pregnant...and now, a year later, she has already run a half marathon and is signed up for a marathon this summer. Impressive!

I didn't have time for an ice bath or even a decent breakfast after my run this morning, and I'm paying for it now. Chad ran on the treadmill while I was out running. We made it to church, but sitting still for that long after a run was not a good idea for either one of us. We're both tired and sore now.

However, I'm feeling a bit like Supermom today...long run, hot shower, two kids bathed and dressed, church, lunch (although Chad made that one!), a 100 days of school project and a 100 days of school on to a birthday party and dinner at the Johnson's. I'm going to be so glad to see my bed tonight!

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  1. Sounds like a great run and a great day!

    Weekly: 13.25 miles
    YTD: 38.25 miles