Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday setup

Time to plan for the week!

This week for the Holiday Sweat Challenge, we earn a bonus point for each day we reach 9 freggies. That takes a lot of planning! I'll have my veggie and egg breakfast each day (1 cup of zucchini, half a cup of tomatoes and a "fried" egg). For lunch, I'll mix it up with salad, black bean and corn sweet potato, and veggie soup, adding in a fruit for a side. Green smoothies will help as afternoon snacks. Then it's just two or three freggies at dinner, and we are good!
My goals this week
Home: Take out the Christmas decor boxes
Print the kids' school pictures
Make our Christmas cards

Heart: Take a look back at the year and make the kids' ornaments and write in their books (and read past years')
Take some time each day to unplug and relax

Health: 9 freggies a day
All my water and vitamins
Run at least a mile a day

3 weeks until Christmas break! We've got this!

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