Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fruits and Veggies!

I managed to eat 12, yes,  12, servings of fruits and veggies today!

I woke up hungry so I ate a banana first thing.  Then I had sauteed zucchini and tomato with an egg.  Count: 4

For lunch I had a salad with chicken, roasted veggies, baby carrots and clementines.  Count: 4

After school, I had a green smoothie with half a banana, a cup of spinach, and some frozen fruit.  Count: 2ish

For dinner, we had mini meat loaves (with hidden veggies inside), a small sweet potato and a good helping of broccoli. Count: 2

That's 12! Now, I'm not saying everything else was spot on. I caved and had candy after school... but yesterday, I didn't. There's hope yet.

Now, to hit the treadmill for the streak (and I'd really rather not but I can't give up that easily!)...

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