Sunday, December 28, 2014

I hate PF!

Really? Is there any more to say than that? I hate PF. It's been an ongoing battle for about 2 years now. It has really flared up this weekend. What stinks is that yesterday's run was really good. I could have run several more miles even. But today, I can barely walk. And of course, today was our trip to Six Flags.  Wasn't that good timing? I survived though, but it hurts like the dickens.

I already have it taped, so tonight I'll either sleep in a compression sleeve or wrap it. And ice it. I hate icing when it's cold, but I know I have to. 

I've read about some essential oils that are supposed to help, so tomorrow I'm on the hunt for those. Can't hurt at this point.

But back to yesterday's run...

Mom was coming to town so we could help her run 18. I wanted 8 and Carrie was up for some too.  However, we woke to find some wet stuff falling from the sky. Not thinking it would last long, Mom and I took off anyway. We ran in the coolest snow ever! Snow! I ran in shorts on Christmas Day!  It was awesome though. We laughed about how crazy we are. We were fine most of the time and only had problems when the sleet hit our eyes and then when the snow turned wet.  The roads got slushy and we were worried we'd fall. But Carrie wanted her chance in the snow so we ran 1 mile with her before heading home to warm up with coffee.

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  1. I love snowy day runs! I had a beautiful one yesterday. I hope your PF goes away in 2015, that stuff in no fun!