Sunday, December 21, 2014

Still in!

25 days of the #RWRunStreak and counting! Yes, I had to jump on the treadmill at 10:30 pm to get it done, but I did it!

We've had a sick little boy yesterday and today, so I've been all kinds of off.  On call doc says it's likely the flu, but it could be something else too. We are too late for Tamiflu so we ride it out unless something changes. I'm going we wake up to a fever-freekid tomorrow, but I'm fully expecting a trip to sick time in the next two days.

With us all being home for Christmas break, I'm going to have to try a lot harder than I did this weekend to eat well and keep my running on track. Scheduling a run for 7:30 in the morning was the first step (and maybe not the smartest since I just finished tonight's run).

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