Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just an update

Yesterday, I ran 8 miles with my mom and sister. It was hard, but today, I only had a couple of sore spots (left calf and back). That makes me feel like I can totally be ready for the half I'd already signed up for back before I fell. For now, remaining long runs will be 5, 8, 10, 8 and then the race.

I'm also half way through the #RWRunStreak! I've run at least a mile every day since Thanksgiving. That's 18 days of running! I'm super impressed that my body is tolerating this.

I've also been doing really well at increasing my fruits and veggies during the week. The weekends, on the other hand, are leaving me feeling just awful. I probably get half of what I normally do in those two days. So, now I know what needs improvement.

And since I didn't grocery shop today like I needed to, I'll have to make do for breakfast and lunch until I can get to the store after school.

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