Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok, let's just play pretend for a little while...if I really could do anything, what would I do? What would you do?

For starters, I'd finish my 10K Sept. 25 in less time than the last one, preferably under an hour ten.

I'd run a 5K, either Shortgrass Scamper or Race for the Cure (bookending the 10K), in under 30. Yeah, right.

I'd run a marathon relay with my family and not be the weakest link.

I'd run a half marathon in February.

I'd run a marathon the year after. 2012. Hmmmmm....isn't that when the world's supposed to end? Coincidence?

I'd do my core training twice a week without fail and come away with abs I could rock out in a belly-baring tank in a race.

Ok, so these are realistic goals instead:

I'll run my 10K without walking.

I'll run my 5Ks in 33 minutes, without walking, and have a blast doing it.

I'll run the marathon relay and not worry about my turtle pace.

I'll run the half change there, except maybe the date.

And the marathon? For now, it's still a dream. But it's my dream.

And those abs? I doubt they come without some surgery involved, but while we're dreaming, I might as well dream big.

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