Friday, August 20, 2010

Treadmill fun

Ok, normally, I hate the treadmill, and while I wouldn't exactly say I love it, it accomplished the job for which it was designed this morning. I've decided I can't run outside at 5...too dark, too many noises, not enough peace, which is why I run in the first place. So, I skipped Wednesday's speedwork...part rebellion against having to run indoors, part some soreness/pain I was waiting to see which way would go, part exhaustion from being back at school. And after some stressful and upsetting events this week, I needed a run. Needed does not do that feeling justice. So I ran. And it was hot in the garage, where the treadmill is. But I ran. And it felt great. And while I wasn't actually moving, I could feel the worries falling behind me. And I so needed that.

But tomorrow, I'm back out on the road because it's Saturday and I can wait until 6:30 to run. Which I will do...before I go to work to finish up my classroom.

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