Friday, August 6, 2010

No Nap for You

What in the world is wrong with my kids??? Today, SB is asleep (and she rarely naps) and Ryan is awake (and he always takes good naps). And what's sad about this is I was all snug in my bed about to doze off when he woke up. I guess that's just my sign that I'm supposed to be doing the dishes and laundry, huh? Not my idea of an enjoyable last Friday off for the summer.

I am going to do a couple of things for me:
1. Figure out my Garmin so I can do more than hit Start and Stop.
2. Ok, that's really it. Wow, not much there.

The problem is the things I'd like to do require me to drag the kids out with me or find a sitter, neither of which is happening today. Those things are:
1. Replace my running shoes
2. Find some running socks that aren't cotton
3. Head to JCPenney's to use my gift card
4. Buy a housewarming gift for a friend

Oh, well...maybe next week when the grandparents return I'll get to these things.

I think I'm going to attempt making Playgroup Granola Bars since the nephew is coming over this evening. I'm thinking a little sprinkler time, pizza,a movie, popcorn and maybe they'll all crash. Wishful thinking, I know.

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