Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Speedwork stinks

I had my first speedwork run this morning, and all I can say is yuck. I only did 4x400 with 400 recoveries. I'm slow, and I kept telling myself "the only way to get faster is to run faster." Still slow, but I'm willing to stick with it to see what happens over time.

Yesterday, my Mom, sister and I headed to Luke's Locker in Colleyville to be fitted with new running shoes. I ended up in an Asics Gel Cumulus in a size 7! 7! I've never worn a 7, except when I had swollen pregnancy feet. However, I'm hoping it will keep my toenails in place. Mom ended up with an Asics Nimbus and Carrie came away with a Brooks shoe.

I actually ran this morning in a new pair of Saucony Grid Raider's that I picked up Saturday with Chad. I got them a half size larger than my old ones as well, a 6.5. There was lots of toe room this morning. I tried wearing a synthetic sock under my normal cotton one also. I liked the feel of it, but I'm not sure about wearing the two socks...still a little warm in there.

I'm still in the process of losing a toenail. I wish it'd just hurry up and fall off instead of flapping around. I'd cut it off it if wasn't just one quandrant of the nail, but since it's attached to healthy nail/toe, I don't want to mess with it.

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