Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tempo Run #1: Complete

I ran my first tempo run this morning. I warmed up for 10 minutes (almost a mile...yes, I'm slow). Then I picked up the pace for 5 minutes, picked it up again for 5 more minutes, and finished off with 2 1/2 minutes even faster. Then I walked 2 1/2 minutes to recover and finished off with another 5 minutes jogging/5 minutes walking. 3 miles total. I have to say, it wasn't my favorite thing, but if I don't practice faster, I won't get faster. And while I will never be truly "fast," I have to get past this turtle pace.

I did pull out a running skirt for the first time in ages. I loved the feel of it, although the shorts underneat needed to be longer.

I reworked my original training plan, so tomorrow is a strength training day only...and I'm committing right now to doing it. Now what I'll do is to-be-determined right now, but it will consist of some core exercises that I can do here at the house. That is today's project. Nothing like a little procrastination, huh?

On a different note, I'm reading Run Like a Mother right now. I highly suggest it for any running mommas out there. Very funny. Very informational. Very true. There's a website and a facebook page connected to the book as well...a virtual community of moms who run. The website is:

And the Facebook page is at Run Like a Mother, The Book. Look for it!

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