Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting stronger

I love that I actually feel stronger with each run. I couldn't run yesterday due to a sick kid, so I ran today...3 miles in 30:46. I mostly kept a 10 minute mile pace, but I had to take two quick walk breaks...so I made up for them by amping up the last mile. Every quarter mile, I upped the treadmill by .2 (so 6.2, 6.4, 6.6) to finish up. I was absolutely pouring sweat!

I couldn't seem to cool down though. I felt awfully faint and sat down in the shower for a bit (passing out would not be a good thing). Even after my shower, I was still sweating. However, once I got to school and finally cooled down, it's like my motor went into turbodrive in reverse...I was freezing! I don't know if that's a normal thing or not.

Another weird thing, I'm wondering if anyone else who runs experiences some sort of wrist pain/numbness. It seems to happen mainly when I run on the treadmill, although I've felt it after regular road runs as well. It goes away fairly quickly, but it almost feels like my wrists swell.

I also developed a blister...maybe my first. And it's in the weirdest spot. It's on the edge of my heel on the side. I felt the hotspot toward the end of my run. It's between the insole and upper of my shoe. I know, cotton socks aren't good. But I've just gotten used to them. Plus, I bought my shoes a half size larger to try and save my toenails. If I switch to synthetic socks, I'm afraid the fit will be off. Hmm...things to think about.

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