Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shortgrass Scamper

This morning was the Shortgrass Scamper in Archer City benefitting their Salvation Army and ultimately, their residents. Mom was one of the organizers, and it was definitely a family affair. Sister and Dad rode bikes to lead the race and bring up the rear. Brother took care of lots of odds ands ends...logo, goodie bags, sound system, walkies, etc. I, however, got to run.

Because I'm training for a 10K in two weeks, I needed more mileage than the 5K would I ran 1.5 miles before the race and another 1.5 after. Granted, the breaks in between probably weren't the same as running 6 in a row...but the heat made up for it. The race was at 9:30, and I'm definitely used to that 6:30 a.m. run on Saturdays.

I ran it in 32:30 or something close to it...definitely not what I wanted for today, but it will work. I did get 2nd in my age division (out of 4...LOL)...but it's my first medal!

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