Sunday, September 19, 2010

I go walking...

My Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure team had a long training walk yesterday...a scheduled 18 miles that may have been closer to 20...still up for debate. I can't believe how hard it was! I thought my being able to run 6 miles at a time would make walking 18 not so bad. And I was wrong!

It uses a completely different set of muscles. My back is so sore. So are my calves. My quads were killing me yesterday after one rest stop. I really felt like I had cords in my legs. They aren't so bad this morning, but my calves are making up for it. It feels like I have tennis balls back there.

And I felt them coming at about the 2-mile mark yesterday and covered them one set at the 3-mile mark. Then I covered another set at the half-way point while swtiching socks. I think they'll heal ok without lancing them, but I'm watching them closely.

My biggest fear is that I won't be able to run my 10K Saturday well. I'm going to take tomorrow off of running for sure. I'm hoping to do an easy run Tuesday and Thursday though. We'll see. I'm going to foam roll my legs and back, use Biofreeze and/or Icy Hot, take ibuprofen, and hopefully go get some compression sleeves for my calves.

I have no idea how I'll walk 20 miles three days in a row in November. I know that after this 10K, I'll work on more long walks. It's just that different than running.

It really was a lot of fun though. There were 6 members of the team there yesteray and it was funny watching us all walk around town, fanny packs on, hands in the air...silly stuff!

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