Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walkin' on Sunshine

And doesn't it feel good?! Ok, so I was actually running, but getting to break out of the treadmill routine in the hot garage this morning felt fabulous. We had a late night last night, so I hit the road a little later than in the sun was actually all the way up. However, running outside during daylight has its pros and cons:

1. Couldn't decide whether to wear the sunglasses or not (ok, not really a con...a good decision to have. I went sans glasses to soak up the vitamin D)
2. The dogs of the neighborhood are awake.
3. They can see me.
4. They don't like me.

Granted, these are pretty poor cons, especially since all the dogs do is bark. unnerves me!

1. Sunlight!
2. Vitamin D
3. Fresh air
4. Distance...I just can't seem to go far enough of the treadmill.
5. Neighborhood and neighbors...Lots more people out and I could watch the houses go by a lot easier with light. Ok, I can see how the people thing and traffic could be a con, but it wasn't.
6. Pure happiness

I made 5 miles in under an hour (barely) and actually ran the last mile in 9:08! I pushed it hard on that last one to make it in under an hour, but it felt so good! At my slow pace, I could have made more miles too...which feels really good!

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