Saturday, April 16, 2011

100th post!

Isn't that cool? I've had something to say 100 times. Now, nothing says that what I had to say was of any consequence or importance, but it's a neat milestone.

I was able to head outside early this morning for a five-miler. It was definitely chilly, but a light jacket, arm warmers and my bondiband hat kept me warm. It was so calm, clear and cool. It was hard to believe that yesterday our area was being windblown like crazy and there were fires all around us. So many areas were in danger...people being evacuated, firefighters and police working nonstop, volunteers manning evacuation shelters. The sky was so hazy yesterday from the dust and smoke. And then this morning. The lingering smoke smell was the only reminder here. I thought about all those involved in yesterday's situations and prayed for them as I ran. It was peaceful, and I pray that the workers and families feel some of that peace today.

I did manage 5 miles in 50:49. I wanted to come in under 50, but I'm getting better at pacing.

So, here's the weekly mileage.
Weekly: 13 miles
YTD: 236.3 miles

Post your miles here!


  1. Weekly: 7 miles (taper for tomorrow's race)
    YTD: 29 miles

  2. 5 miles today, 16 for the week. Great job on your run, especially with the smokey air.

  3. 27 Weeks Pregnant
    Weekly: 11.45 miles
    YTD: 174.36