Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday schedule

Sundays are always my day to look at the week and figure out the logistics, and not just for running...I make sure the meals are planned, ball games noted, meetings scheduled, etc. This week is a little crazy (as they all have been lately), so it's even more important for me to plan out my runs.

Monday-4 miles
          -t-ball practice in the evening
Tuesday-cross train/strength train (I always write this, but we all know it's not going to happen)
          -my parents will pick up the kids after school and my husband is umpiring a game, so I'll be grocery 
          shopping and getting ready for Easter
Wednesday-2 mile tempo run with a total of 4 miles
          -seriously considering taking this day off or maybe Thursday so I can clean house
          -Hang Time at church
Thursday-cross train/strength train or a couple of easy miles at the Y
          -dance at the Y; husband umpiring a game
          -Easter at my house (hence the day off for cleaning); husband umpiring after dinner
Saturday-long run of 5 miles...trying to break the 50-minute mark
          -Egg Drop at church at 10; Easter services at church in the evening

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