Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Thing Thursday

1. Why does it always seem like I'm behind? We've got two Easter meals at our house this weekend, so I've been in frantic cleaning mode. I even took a personal day to try and get caught up. And here it is after 10, and I'm still going. But a clean floor makes up for it all!

2. I got to get in a run while SB was in dance and my little guy was in childcare. Yes, I had to cut it a little short due to a change in plan for afterwards, but it was still good.

3. I found a lunch that actually left me feeling full longer than, oh, 15 minutes. And it was so random...basically grabbing what I could find this morning. A boiled egg that got cracked before it even made it into the dye. A string cheese. An apple. A clementine. And a granola bar.

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