Thursday, June 30, 2011

Core Challenge, continued

Wow! Tonight's workout added two sets to the crunches. That was hard, but I did it. And my tricep wasn't as sore today, thank goodness. I can't believe I'm actually making progress with those pushups. Amazing what a little work will do...makes me wonder what I could do for my whole body with a good strength training program. I really need a trainer.

Crunches: W4D2, 294 crunches
Pushups: W2D2, 53 pushups

I'll do the third workout Saturday and an exhaustion test Sunday. I can't quite fit the weeks into a calendar week, but at least I'm still going.


  1. You're doing awesome! I've been such a slacker since I turned my ankle. As soon as I'm up an running (I'm thinking I'll start again the week of July 18) I'll start my challenges over from the beginning. Didn't get very far.

  2. You won my RoadID giveaway! Email me so I can email you the gift card link! mallorywalz 6 at hotmail dot com!