Saturday, June 25, 2011

Giveaways and Virtual Races

Here are some giveaways you might be interested in:
Sit for your Job. Run for Your Life. Road ID Giveaway Don't you love the title of this blog? Of course, my job doesn't let me sit much, but the idea's the same.

And here are some more virtual races:
Virtual Insanity 5K. This is a summer series being hosted by Moms Run This Town. I did this one in June, and I'll be doing the one for July sometime in the next couple of weeks. July's is sponsored by FuelBelt.

"Not" Over the Hill Virtual 5K Love this one! This blogger is turning 40 and is celebrating with a virtual that must include a hill. Considering turning 30 is what got me started running in the first place, I really like the idea behind this one! This one is in August.

Freedom 5K Virtual Run This one is put on by Running Mate. The prize for this "race" is a free copy of 10K-101, a training plan for ramping up for a 10K. This one is July 9.

Independence Virtual 5K Another blogger-hosted virtual 5K! This one is from July 3-9 in honor of the Fourth of July. The blog for this one is Let's Move It Mommas. I just love all these moms running!

Hotter Than Hades Virtual Half Marathon. It definitely feels hotter than Hades around here! This virtual race is 13.1 miles from July 15 to August 15...but never fear! It doesn't all have to be done in one run. You do, however, have to show proof of the time/distance if you are drawn to win a prize.

I'll try to update this list as I find more.


  1. Thanks for linking up to my Virtual 5K!

  2. Thanks for pimpin out my giveaway!!! Glad you like the name of my blog. Can't take credit for it though, I stole it from a North Face ad from a few years ago!!!