Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moms Run This Town Virtual Insanity 5K: SpiBelt's Stuff It and Run

Today, my virtual running buddy Chandra and I completed our 5K for the Moms Run This Town Virtual Insanity 5K: SpiBelt's Stuff It and Run. It's a free virtual 5K, meaning you sign up and run your 5K when you want, where you want and as fast (or slow) as you want. There are prizes that will be drawn at random, so speed is not an issue...thank goodness!

I actually had that nervous night-before-a-race feeling last night and popped out of bed ready to go this morning. I headed out at what felt like a pretty good clip. I had on my Garmin, but I didn't want to focus on how much farther I had to go. I ended up with a 30:34. I know that's not bad, but I was on track to hit a 25:xx not too long ago. I don't know what happened to my speed. Apparently, it ran off and left me. Still, the run felt faster and better than a few of my recent ones, so it's ok. I've accepted that I might be in a "slow season" and that this too shall pass.

Here I am right after my run...I'm not so great with the self-portraits.

The coolest part of the run was that I knew that my BFF Chandra was up and running at the exact same time, just a couple hundred miles away. Usually, she's about 1500 miles away, but we're actually in the same state for once since she's visiting her parents. I actually get to see her Saturday, but we were able to "meet up" via Skype right after our run today. Cool, huh?

And you can't tell it from the screenshot, but we're wearing the same shirt in different colors...our "One Bad Mother Runner" shirts from One More Mile. I will say, the green shows sweat a lot more than my pinkish red one. I even tried out my OMM skirt. I liked it. The shorts underneath are a tad bit shorter than I'd like, and they don't have any gripping material at the hemline to help keep them down. However, they didn't ride up too much. I think I can wear it for shorter runs. And I'll definitely wear it around town...I like the way it fits and looks. 

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  1. Knowing you were running 'with' me got me through a tough 3.2 miles (yes, I ran an extra 0.1 mile b/c I couldn't find a good 3.1 route).

    Can't wait to see you!