Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where did Monday go?

Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. I made the mistake of taking my vitamins and supplements around 8:30 or 9 at night, forgetting that one of them contains caffeine. Oops. The kids didn't go to sleep easily either, but once they were out around 11, I realized that I wasn't tired. I started reading The Front Porch Prophet on my Nook...and kept reading...and reading. At 2, I moved to my chair in the living room. At 2:30, I was joined by my daughter, so I moved to the couch with her. At 3, we were joined by my son. I thought we might all sleep on the couch, but when my daughter kicked my son in the face, I decided I should move them to their beds...with the added thought that if they were on the couch when I tried to go out for a run at 6, I'd wake them. I finally moved back to my bed at 4 and fell asleep a little after that. Needless to say, there was no run at 6. I needed to run and wanted to run, but I just couldn't make myself get out of bed. And with the heat, there was no way I could run later.

So, I ran today instead. It was already 85 at 6 a.m. Even though it was overcast and looked promising from the inside (although it did have that look of a great morning to stay in bed too), it was very warm and muggy outside. I took a couple of walk breaks and just took it easy. I'm still trying to accept this "season of slow" but I'm doing better with it. I walked about a mile afterwards.

And then I decided to rake the backyard. It's full of sticks and pieces of things the puppy we had for a while chewed up. Ouch. That's a workout in itself.

And then I came in and decided that since I didn't do my core challenge workout yesterday (really, where was Monday?), I should do it now so I can do another one tomorrow night to get my 3 in this week. After the yard work, those pushups and crunches were rough!

Here's what I did today:
Crunches: W5D1, 255 crunches
Pushups: W2D1, 47 pushups
Now, I am on to getting ready for a relaxing lunch catching up with some of my favorite ladies!

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  1. Way to go on the push ups and crunches! I started that program for the push ups but I stopped for whatever reason. I wanna get back into it!