Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, that long run ended up not being so long. I made 2.5 and walked the rest of the way home. I had wanted to do 6 so that my weekly total would be 20, but I could not convince myself to get out of bed early. In fact, I had convinced myself I didn't need to run at all. But then I got up...and heard the birds chirping...and saw the sunlight coming in...and I got myself out the door before the kids could wake up. I put on my socks, shoes, hat, SPIbelt and Garmin on the porch and ate my banana as I started off down the street. The run was hard, but I really enjoyed walking home...I needed that!

I tried Pink Lemonade nuun this morning in my water bottle based on its rave reviews from RLAM. I picked up a tube of them at Luke's Locker in Dallas Thursday evening. I made it to the store with just 15 minutes to spare, but they were nice enough to work with me anyway to get me a new pair of running shoes. I've been in my current Asics for about 10 months. The first few months they shared the running duty with my Saucony pair, but from January to now, they have been my only shoes (and I know that they have 300+ miles just since then). Since I wasn't just crazy about my Asics when I first got them, I really thought I'd walk away with some other brand. And while I really liked a pair of Brooks I tried on, the arch support felt awkward on my right foot. So...I ended up with these, the Asics Gel-Cumulus 13:

I gave them a test run this morning. My right third and fourth toes went to sleep, but I think I need to work on the lacing of the shoes. Just like my others, I'm sure once they are broken in, they'll be my faves.

I put in a lot of miles this week. I had 5+ Monday and then again Wednesday for National Running Day. I posted a picture of myself post-run on the NRD Facebook page and won a Headsweats hat! I have no idea exactly which hat I won, but I'm excited anyway. It doesn't take much, does it?

Then Thursday I had to travel to Dallas for work stuff, so I hit the treadmill for 3 more miles while I was waiting for rush hour traffic to calm down enough for me to venture to Luke's (hence why I barely made it in time).

I've been having a weird crampish-like feeling in my calves. It all started a couple of weeks ago when a charlie horse woke me up in the middle of the night and stayed with me all day. Since then, I have what feels like the beginnings of a charlie horse a lot of the time. I'm taking my magnesium and eating bananas for potassium, even drinking a G2 every once in a while. It's like my muscles are fatigued. I'm going to work on them with the Stick later and see if that helps.

So, the mileage report:
Weekly: 17.3 miles
YTD: 337.2 miles

Maybe I'll hop on the treadmill for 3 or 4 this evening to put me at 20 for the week and almost halfway for the year :)


  1. You didn't say how you liked the nuun? I've thought about it, but they don't have any carbs like PowerAid does. I tried Gu gel today and it tore me up. I may stick to PowerAid.

    Weekly: 13 miles
    YTD: 122 miles

    I'm going to try to push the training hard this week b/c I think my run will be sporadic while I'm in TX (mostly because it will be as hot as the surface of the sun).

    Excited to see you!!

  2. 34 Weeks Pregnant
    Weekly: 11.66
    YTD: 241.91

    Just over 8 miles till I reach my goal!!!

  3. It's like that quote about no matter how much you run, getting to the first step is the hardest! Sometimes actually getting out of the door does more for your spirit than the actual run.

  4. As for the nuun, it tasted fine. I don't know if I noticed any major effects, but I did like the added electrolytes. In this heat, it's a necessity for me.

    And Doug, you are so right. I just needed to be moving outside.