Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting the job done

You ever have one of those runs? You know, the one that isn't pretty, isn't fun, but it gets the job done? That was tonight for me.

My husband has been out of town since yesterday morning, so I haven't run since Wednesday. I know that's not a long time for him to be gone, but last night, I did not sleep well without him here. He'll be coming in in the 3 to 4 a.m. range in the morning, so I know he'll need some sleep. And I can guarantee that if I head out the door at 6 for my normal long run, the kids will be screaming at 6:15 and he won't get any sleep. So...when you add the two things together (that I don't sleep well without him here and the possibility of me not getting to run tomorrow at all), I figured tonight was a good a time as any.

Famous last words.

That run had so many things stacked against me:
1. no clean running clothes...easily in the dirty ones
2. I can't run outside when there are sleeping children inside, so the treadmill in the garage was it
3. the garage is H-O-T-HOT! I even ran inside and grabbed another fan. It didn't help. Not one bit.
4. my iPod is I thought I'd watch TV
5. I couldn't get the TV remote to change the I watched Leno
6. running to Leno isn't fun (although the stupid human tricks made me grin and forget I was running)
7. I thought I'd try G2 while I ran since I knew I'd be sweating profusely (understatement of the year)...but it didn't fit in the cup holder, so I kept having to catch it when it slipped
8. I was paranoid that the kids would wake up and I wouldn't hear them and they wouldn't know where I was and would freak out
9. I wanted to go 6 miles, but...
10. Did I mention it was hot? I haven't been this red-faced since my beginning running days

But, here's the deal...the run may have stunk to high heaven (and no, I'm not referring to my sweating here), but the deal is...I did it! I got the job done! When it didn't look like a run would be a good idea tomorrow, I could have just thrown in the towel and skipped it. When the circumstances of the run weren't ideal, I could have wimped out. But I didn't!

Of course, while I was running I realized that I didn't do my crunch/pushup challenge workout for the day, so guess what I did when I came in....yep, I did it too!

Crunches: W3D2, 156 crunches
Pushups: W1D2, 17 pushups

And since I'm done running for the week, here's my weekly miles:
Weekly: 14 miles
YTD: 351.2 miles

I'm officially more than halfway to my goal of 1100km in 2011 (or 683 miles).


  1. That's why we get up pre-dawn to run. To get the job done!

    Weekly:17.19 (longest weekly total)
    YTD: 139