Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thinking ahead

Tomorrow will be my first workout day of the crunch and pushup challenge I'm starting this week.

I'll do the following workouts (see how I put this in writing...more likely to do it, I'm hoping):

Crunches (Week 3)
Set 1: 21
Set 2: 27
Set 3: 21
Set 4: 21
Set 5: Max (minimum 30)

Pushups (Week 1)
Set 1: 2
Set 2: 3
Set 3: 2
Set 4: 2
Set 5: Max (minimum 3)

We'll see how this goes. My abs have been sore all day today after the initial test yesterday. I know I need to add in a "real" strength training program, but this is a start.

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