Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Mileage Report

This has definitely been a rough running week. And why does that always seem to happen on a week when I need the running the most? I've been short on patience, the kids have been long on energy, and I've got a huge to do list going.

I did run my virtual run with Chandra on Wednesday and got to Skype afterward to "see" her...and even better? I actually got to spend part of this weekend with her! She is in Texas visiting her parents and was willing to drive to Dallas to meet up with us.

We got to the hotel Friday afternoon before she did and took the kids swimming. Our hotel was on the airport, so the kids were able to watch airplanes taking off and landing from our room and while we swam in the rooftop pool. It was pretty cool! Chandra didn't get in until late, but it gave us all day today to spend together. We had Dunkin' Donuts before heading to the Museum of Nature and Science at Fair Park. It has a great area for the younger kids, and it was really fun watching the kids play with each other. My parents were even able to drive down to meet us...luckily, my mom had her camera because I totally forgot mine! I'll post some pictures when I get them from her.

It was so good to see her this weekend...made me ready to buckle down for our half marathon training! We have just under 6 months to go!

Anyway, the running may not be going well right now, but I have decided that just like everything else, there are seasons or phases. I'm in a season of slow right now. That will change, but until it does, I'm going to just keep plodding along.

Mileage Report
Weekly: 10.1 miles
YTD: 362.3 miles

I've got one more core workout to fit in today, but I'm done for the week. With Father's Day meals tomorrow, that's about all I can fit in.


  1. So I forgot to post last week...

    35 weeks Pregnant
    Weekly: 13.85 Miles
    YTD: 255.76
    I finally made my 250 miles on Tuesday!!! It was the best feeling! But now 300 miles is sooooo close!

    As for this week,

    36 Weeks Pregnant
    Weekly: 19.13
    YTD: 274.89

    Only 25 miles till my next goal!

  2. Weekly: 3.2 miles (the Virtual Insanity run)

    Its been hot and I havne't been able to run.

    YTD: 142 miles!!