Thursday, June 23, 2011

Exhaustion Test time!

So I just finished my exhaustion tests for the core challenge I'm working on. Here are my results:
Crunches: 176
Pushups: 10

That puts me moving on to Week 5 for the crunches. My next three workouts (I'm debating whether to start this Saturday or Monday) will look like this:
Workout 1: 54/60/45/36/60+
Workout 2: 30/30/36/36/27/27/33/70+ (yes, more sets...rough week!)
Workout 3: 30/30/36/36/30/30/40/75+
Exhaustion Test

However, I'll be repeating Week 2 for the pushups. I will be moving up in columns. It shows that I could move to column 3, but the sets look a little too rough for me. I'll stick with column 2, which looks like this:
Workout 1: 9/11/8/8/11+
Workout 2: 10/12/9/9/13+
Workout 3: 12/13/10/10/15+
Exhaustion Test

I'm pretty close to finishing the 200 crunch challenge. I'm thinking that if I hit 200 at my next exhaustion test, I'll continue doing the workouts for the next few weeks switching out the types of crunches I'm doing. Right now, I'm just doing the plain ol' crunches, so I'll add it obliques, bicycles, and anything else I can think of.

Of course, I just read a little blurb in a magazine about how pushups and crunches don't really do anything for you. I'm going to finish this challenge, but I really need to get a true strength training program going. Actually, I need a complete health and fitness overhaul right now...a trainer, a nutritionist, a life coach...I need the whole shebang. Of course, that costs mucho dinero, so I am going to try and put these things together myself. That takes time, both to plan it out and to execute the plan.

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