Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's summer!

Since I had a meeting yesterday at school, today is my first "real" day of summer! And it's wonderful for so many reasons.

1. It's National Running Day today, and I ran 5 miles outside before Chad had to leave for work.

And I'm wearing a few of my favorite new Super Mom BondiBand, my favorite running shirt from One More Mile, and even though you can't see them, my Garmin and my Road ID.

A lot of places are giving out good deals for National Running Day today. I know that you can use the code RUC1326 for 15% off One More Mile. I love their shirts...the fabric is light and airy and their sayings are awesome!

I definitely felt like Super Mom when I returned, and not just because I ran 5 miles. I came in to find my little guy getting up for the morning, so I got him settled with breakfast and Sprout. Then I folded a load of laundry and took out all the trashes, including pulling the trash to the curb. A mom's job is never done :)

The run itself was good...overcast skies, not too hot (but it was still hot), and outside! I was slow, but that's ok. I haven't been eating or hydrating well or taking care of my IT bands. It's not an excuse, just an admitting of my mistakes here lately.

2. I registered for my second half marathon, the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon yesterday morning, if you could call it morning yet. My son woke me up at 1:20 that morning, so I stayed up to register at 2 a.m. our time. It was cool because I was able to Facebook chat with my friend Chandra who was also up to register for the race. She and I will be meeting up in Vegas to run our first race together!

3. We finished our first t-ball season for our daugther last night. It was a long season, but I think she enjoyed the experience. Poor thing was a magnet for the balls and got hit in several games, including last night's. But she's a tough girl and after a few tears, she got right back to playing ball.

We also enjoyed some time after the trophy presentations with good friends, pizza and a swimming pool (and a Mavs game on TV). It was really nice to be able to kick back and relax, but that's summer, right?

4. Did I mention it's summer? My son is playing the Wii, my daughter is coloring and making me is good. The house is a wreck, but life is good :)

5. I got to try out my new Running II WrightSock that I won from Running Diva Mom's blog a few weeks ago. I've worn a different WrightSock for a while now (since before the 3-Day) and love them. Of course, this morning was more of a need since all my others were in the wash. I love this style even more! It still has the double layer but doesn't feel as heavy or thick. Plus, the ankle is a little lower than my other ones. Defintely worth a try!


  1. Loving the summer! I love being able to get up and walk when I want to. It's also nice seeing family while walking!
    I'm so excited for you and Chandra running the Las Vegas half. I spent my walk this morning contemplating my first half back.

  2. I'm wearing my World Run Day shirt for National Running day. Love your new BondiBand!!! Its a great reminder that we ARE super moms!! Decided to order a 'one bad mother runner' shirt using your coupon code for OMM. Might decide on a skirt too. Hard to beat that price! Vegas is going to be epic. My in-laws FINALLY agreed to watch the girls so Mike can come! They wouldn't watch Abigail while I was having surgery with Madeleine, but they'll watch both of them for this. I can't figure them out. But I'm not going to complain b/c its going to be awesome! Can't wait to make travel plans!!