Sunday, June 17, 2012


I don't usually need much for accountability other than my trusty training plan. It helps that I have family and friends that run to talk to about my running, but it's not necessary. But here lately, it's a huge help to know my sister is waiting for me for a run or a workout.

And here are a couple more ways to stay accountable...

Tomorrow starts the Welcome to Summer Virtual Run 5k/10k hosted by Toni at Running Loving Living. I am looking forward to a virtual run to stay in the swing of things this week, especially since I'll be out of town for a big chunk of the week. My plan is to do the 5K at the hotel midweek and the 10K for my long run this weekend.

I also signed up for the Run With Jess Marathon Weight Loss Challenge. I haven't done a good job of staying on track with my eating since being home for summer, and the pounds have snuck up on me. I'm hoping the challenge of losing weight before Sept. 17 ( will already be back in session and I have two races around that time, not to mention a half the month after that). The idea behind this challenge is she and a friend are going to try and lose 26.2 before the friend's first marathon. I'm going to try and do the Half Marathon...losing 13.1 pounds in the next 13 months. It's going to take a complete overhaul of my food intake and a major jump back on the wagon, but I am all for it!


  1. I'm doing Toni's race too! It came at a great time for me! Good luck with the weight loss challenge....just think it will be so hot that you won't really want to eat much! Right?! You'll do fabulous!!

  2. Good luck with the weight loss! You can do it! Just remember how great you feel when you eat healthy!